MTX Sauce Has Been Opened!

After requests from modders and gamers alike, we have decided to release the MTX source files for all to use, edit and play with as you wish.

MTX was one of our earlier mods, based on the Matrix, that we abandoned due to timescale issues causing stuttering on dedicated servers. This behaviour was not up to scratch and something we could not bypass, so therefore we moved on to our other COD4 mods.

So for all you modders, tweakers, inquisitors and anybody in general, the saucy source files are now yours to download and look at/improve/learn from. Enjoy!

The MTX source files can be obtained from either of the following places:

PS: Anybody who does create something awesome from this or learns a thing or two, we would love to hear from you. We may even write an article about it or link to any Youtube media you may have of any creations you make derived from these source files.

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