“Call for Longevity” Letter to the Editor in GameInformer Magazine

One of our fans wrote in to the Australian Game Informer magazine to question the reasons why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 does not allow mods or dedicated servers. Here’s the letter, and the editor’s response.

I am an avid Call of Duty 4 player and I believe what makes a game have such great longevity is its customisable content: this includes maps, mods and skins. Not only is custom content fun – take a look at a terrific total conversion mod called Obscurity – but it can also accommodate game balancing alterations that are used for competition, such as Promod.

Essentially what Infinity Ward has done in the exclusion of mods, map tools and dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2 is eliminate the longevity of an otherwise good game and ostracise the more hardcore gamers who appreciate the ability to balance their game to community standards. So I have to ask, why do game developers insist on making mod free games? All they are doing is losing money by killing off the hardcore fans that would’ve been there for the long haul.”

Daniel Mackie, Baranduda, VIC

“You don’t have to delve deep into the history of PC gaming to see how important mod flexibility has been to the success of the stalwart franchises. Many games have had lifetimes in excess of ten years: a feat a mod-less game has no chance of achieving. The situation with Black Ops is a strange one: mods and dedicated servers are technically back in business, but Internode are the only Aussie ISPs that can host them. Whether this means you will have to pay something extra to use them, or if Activision will keep a tight leash on all modified content, remains to be seen.”

Chris, Game Informer

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