Review: Obscurity Mod – by Gamespoint

The guys over at Gamespoint, a new gaming website, have kindly created an article on Obscurity.

“Just the perfect mod if you love gore and blood all over the walls after you have just blown one across a room! Obscurity allows players to either play as a marine, with the odds pitted against them, or play as an Obscurity, a creature created to hunt down and destroy its prey. Some features unique to Obscurity include: Locational Knife Damage, Directional HUD Blood Spatter, Burning Players with Directional Flame, Day/Night Progressive Cycles, Unique Gameplay & Gamemodes, Unique Obscurity Weapons, All New Perks & Perk 4 Category, Enhanced/Balanced Marine Weaponry, Enhanced Sounds of Battle, Obscurity Taunts, Fully Implemented Squad Creation Feature, Fully functional Pyro & Flamethrower in VIP, *No HUD*”

Check out the full review over at Gamespoint.

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